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Lab Time: The Effect Of Rate Limiting On Wi-Fi

Introduction This post is about the effect of rate limiting on Wi-Fi and is inspired by the presentation Troy Martin (@troymart) gave at WLPC 2018 Prague (Link) and his recent appearance in the Clear To Send (@cleartosend) podcast episode 157 (Link) Especially his comparison between “configuring rate limiting” vs. “disabling high data rates” was very …

802.11 OFDM Data Rates – The Math Behind The Numbers

Introduction As a WiFi admin, you are probably familiar with WiFi Data Rates and the concept of DRS (Dynamic Rate Switching/Shifting/Selection). Numbers like 6Mbit/s, 54MBit/s, 144MBit/s, 300MBit/s and 400MBit/s all look pretty familiar – but what are they based on? The numbers are not random at all – the data rates of OFDM PHYs (802.11a, …

About Me

I am Renzo Notter from Switzerland.

As you might have already derived from my Website, I am smitten by the technology of Wireless LAN.

I initially started out as an apprentice in computer science. After completing my apprenticeship, I begun working as a Network Operation Specialist and shortly after started to focus on the Wireless LAN technology, in which I educated myself in. When I got the chance to work as a Network Engineer, I decided to go “All In” on Wireless LAN and pursued my CWNE.

With this website, I want to contribute a small part in the world of the 802.11-community. My goal is not to write about topics that are already covered in great depth on other websites by awesome specialists, but to write about problems and ideas I stumbled accross myself where I was not able to find the solutions or in-depth content anywhere else.

If you have any questions or inputs, please do not hesitate to contact me through Twitter, Mail, LinkedIn or Xing.

Cheers, Renzo