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Lab Time: The Effect Of Rate Limiting On Wi-Fi

Introduction This post is about the effect of rate limiting on Wi-Fi and is inspired by the presentation Troy Martin (@troymart) gave at WLPC 2018 Prague (Link) and his recent appearance in the Clear To Send (@cleartosend) podcast episode 157 (Link) Especially his comparison between “configuring rate limiting” vs. “disabling high data rates” was very …

802.11 OFDM Data Rates – The Math Behind The Numbers

Introduction As a WiFi admin, you are probably familiar with WiFi Data Rates and the concept of DRS (Dynamic Rate Switching/Shifting/Selection). Numbers like 6Mbit/s, 54MBit/s, 144MBit/s, 300MBit/s and 400MBit/s all look pretty familiar – but what are they based on? The numbers are not random at all – the data rates of OFDM PHYs (802.11a, …

ACI – Overlapping vs. Nonoverlapping Adjacent Channel Interference

Introduction Whether we are designing, troubleshooting or just reading about Wireless LANs, we come across the catchword ‘ACI’ (Adjacent Channel Interference). While most people are familiar with the concept of Overlapping ACI in the 2.4GHz frequency band (‘Don’t use Channel 1 and Channel 2 in neighboring BSSes, because they overlap’ or ‘Only use channels 1,6,11′), …

About Me

My name is Renzo Notter, and I was born in Switzerland in 1993. After my 4-year apprentiship as a computer scientist, I started working as a Network Operation Specialist in 2013. By coincidence, I ended up with the task of “administering the Wi-Fi”. After 3 years, I was given the chance to start working as a Network Engineer. In the meantime, I wanted to educate myself in the technology of 802.11 – I read through every book, article, blog-entry, forum and tutorial I could find. While doing that, I went on the CWNP-adventure, that took me through the tests CWTS, CWNA, CWDP, CWAP, CWSP.

With this website, I want to contribute a small part in the world of the 802.11-community. My goal is not to write about topics that are already covered in great depth on other websites by awesome specialists, but to write about problems and ideas I stumbled accross myself where I was not able to find the solutions or in-depth content anywhere.

If you have any questions or inputs, please do not hesitate to contact me through Twitter, Mail, LinkedIn or Xing.

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