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802.11w-2009 – Protected Management Frames (PMF): Overview And Lab Tests

Introduction The goal of the 802.11w amendment, which was ratified in 2009 and consolidated in the IEEE Std 802.11-2012, was to introduce a way to secure management frames against attacks. The best known attacks this amendment should eliminate are the “deauthentication” and “disassociation” attacks, which can be used for multiple reasons:  L2 DoS attack of …

ExtremeWireless WiNG: radios on DFS-Channels re-enter Scanning-Mode after being edited

Introduction Many times, there are small adjustments you have to implement in your live Wireless LAN environments. I personally am often faced with changes like these: – Adding a new SSID – Removing an unused SSID – Renaming an existing SSID – Changing the security settings (for example PSK) of an SSID – Adjusting the …

New Law For “Professionally Maintained Public Wireless LAN Access Point” In Switzerland

Introduction If you intend (or already are) providing a “Professionally Maintained Public Wireless LAN Access Point” in Switzerland, you are affected of the new article (Art. 19 Abs. 2 VÜPF) that became effective on March 1st 2018: Original: Art. 19 Abs. 2 VÜPF: ‘Die FDA haben bei professionell betriebenen öffentlichen WLAN-Zugangspunkten sicherzustellen, dass alle Endbenutzerinnen …

About Me

My name is Renzo Notter, and I am born in Switzerland in 1993. After my 4-year apprentiship as a computer scientist, I started working as a Network Operation Specialist in 2013. Early on, I ended up with the task of “administering the Wi-Fi” by coincidence and without really knowing what’s behind all this in the beginning. I  acquired my knowledge via “Learning by Doing”, which, in retrospective, left me with some fundamental gaps I whish I would have been able to fill in earlier. After 3 years, I was given the chance to start working as a Network Engineer,  and decided to educate myself , because I wanted to truly unerstand every bit and byte in the world of Wireless LAN – so I went full-nerd for more than half a year, and read through every book, article, blog-entry, forum and tutorial I could find. While doing that, I went on the CWNP-adventure, that took me through the tests CWTS, CWNA, CWDP, CWAP, CWSP.

So here I am now, with the 5 certificates in my pocket and the will to go further – there is still so much more I want to learn about this great technology.

With this website, I want to contribute a small part in the world of the 802.11-community. My goal is not to write about topics that are already covered in great depth on other websites by awesome specialists, but to write about problems and ideas I stumbled accross myself where I was not able to find the solutions or in-depth content anywhere.

If you have any questions or inputs, please do not hesitate to contact me through Twitter, Mail, LinkedIn or Xing.

Cheers, Renzo